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How SEO helps in Reputation Management – Are People Googling You?

Do people google you? Do you ever take into consideration that your reputation is being examined by complete strangers? In fact, you’ve probably Googled people and companies a few times yourself, because that’s what clients do these days. In order to avoid pitfalls and wasting money, research is usually done before services are hired. Now the question turns into – what does your reputation look like?

It’s not really fair, but users tend to search for the negatives before they even look at the positives. For some reason they feel there is more honesty to be found with an unsatisfied opinion. What can this reason possibly be? Because fake reviews are easy to buy. What kind of company will spend money to get negative reviews?

This is why reputation management has become so important. Even though you can’t make the negative opinions go away, you can overshadow it with positive ones. You can project an image that brings a balance to some clients who are just being spiteful. It’s also pretty common that competitors post bad things just to add fuel to the fire.

image of person whispering to someone's earWith the right management approach, you can defuse most of the negativity while building a healthy profile. The first place to start is to find all the bad reviews and responding to them. Even though users are usually very insightful in spotting unfair claims, it’s not really obvious in one comment. You want to stretch it out and make it clear to everyone the user might have other motives. By keeping calm and empathizing with the user, you are in the driver seat of the conversation.

If it happens that you did make a mistake, and the review holds merit, take the punch and move on. But take the punch with a good response. Let everyone know it’s a problem they won’t have in the future. If there ever was a good time for investing in reputation management, it would be now.

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How To Use Social Media for SEO

3 quick tips:

  1. Showcase New Products

  2. Build A Brand Identity

  3. Increase User Engagement

There is more to social media than Twitter and Facebook. A lot of businesses have benefited greatly from exploring other social media networks. A prime example of this is Instagram. This photo-centric network can help a company attract a great deal of attention.

With that said, you will need to make sure you are using Instagram appropriately. Follow these simple tips, and you should be able to build a strong Instagram presence.

Showcase New Products

punkero street style clothing

If you are releasing a new product or offering a new service, Instagram is the perfect place to show it off. You can catch people’s attention with a promotional photograph, or even create a graphic that includes a discount code. You’ll be able to attract a lot of new customers this way.

Build A Brand Identity

When you post on a site like Instagram, you can connect with people in a more personal way. You don’t have to maintain a formal image; you can share casual snapshots of your office or a few fun images. Over time, you will be able to establish an identity for yourself. People will feel more invested in your company, and will be more likely to shop with you.

Increase User Engagement

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Millions of people use Instagram every single day. If you can get a portion of those people to interact with your company’s Instagram account, you will be able to increase user engagement by quite a bit. This should lead to an increase in profits.

Businesses can use Instagram to achieve a number of goals. With a regular posting schedule and the right strategy, Instagram should be able to help any business grow. Take advantage of what Instagram can for your company. Don’t ignore this social media platform. Unlock its full potential.

Don’t forget the powerhouse five of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat.  Increase your Instagram followers but don’t forget the video giant YouTube like how this SEO West Covina agency uses it effectively.

Offering Your Customers Free WiFi: Why It’s Important!

Being a business owner aimage of free wifind a consumer yourself, you probably already know how much people love nice little perks. Whether you offer a sale, a small free gift, or some other extra, they can really help entice your audience.  Another nice perk the visitors to your business will surely enjoy is free WiFi. There are many benefits to offering this to your customers and clients.

First of all, free WiFi can save your clients money. If they can hook up to your internet and not use their data they will appreciate this kind gesture. Some people have a limited amount of data on their smartphone or tablet and look for any chance to not use it.

Another reason to offer free WiFi at your business is to keep your customers around longer. For instance, if you run a coffee shop, customers may come in for a cup of coffee while they use the internet. As their time at your shop continues, they may get hungry or thirsty again and purchase more from you.

Plus, free WiFi is a good way to get people into your business. Some people may be on the fence about visiting you, but if you have free internet in your store or location it may be the push they need to pay you a visit.

As you can see, there are many great reasons for you to offer your customers or clients free WiFi while they visit your place of business. As you consider the needs of your audience, don’t forget to add free WiFi to your list of perks. Your visitors will appreciate the gesture and they will be more likely to visit you and also spend more time in your location as they enjoy the free WiFi.

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